There’s an overwhelming amount of joy in my heart when I have my camera in hand. Time feels like it doesn’t exist and goes by within an instant, all at the same time. Getting to be an artist and a storyteller all-in-one is a dream turned reality for me. The connection it brings to people and to our hearts is something I’ll never get over. I’ll work as hard as I can to continue serving others in this way, because photography has a special way of reigniting how our hearts felt in specific moments. It allows us to be nostalgic and admire how beautiful our stories are.

If there’s anything to know about me, it’s this: getting to document special moments for people is my little piece of heaven on earth. 



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This has been what I’ve wanted to do since I was a little girl. My photography journey started with disposable cameras and then my first DSLR camera when I was around 10 years old. Fast forward to college. I initially went to school for photography but ultimately graduated with a degree in graphic design, as I wanted to expand my knowledge in another field of art.

The first time I took photos at a wedding, back in 2016, I could barely see through my tears. I had known prior to that day that I loved taking photos of couples, but I had never felt so in my element. Getting to help photograph that day gave me so much direction in what I was meant to do.


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I held that experience close to my heart, but decided to give my degree in graphic design a fair chance after I graduated college, and continued my love for photography in my free time. In 2019, I decided to celebrate my birthday by attending a photography workshop in Iceland learning from incredible photographers in the industry. It was a huge step out of my comfort zone and after that trip, I knew I had to chase my dream fully and started Studio Vieren in 2020.

This journey has taught and shown me so much beyond photography. It’s helped me learn about myself, others, love, growth and how to be fully present to recognize special moments.


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                                   is a Dutch verb that means to celebrate. My family's Dutch heritage and traditions are an important part of my story. Some of my favorite memories are birthdays, holidays and big life milestones surrounded by my family + friends, who celebrate people in such a beautiful way. They’ve inspired me to do the same! The name is a reflection of what I’m all about here, celebrating people and their stories. I think it’s such a beautiful thing that we get to do for one another and I will always want my work to be rooted in that.

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favorite things

When I don’t have a camera in my hand, my favorite things in life look a little like:

Going on a run at sunset

Making lavender and hazelnut lattes

Gilmore Girls and a pint of ice cream

Any encounter with a golden retriever

Quality time with my person, my family & my friends

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